Today’s the Day

Huh, what’s today the day for, exactly? (oooh no, this is cheesy already! run away! jk, please don’t) Well this particular day is the day to learn how to change a flat tire, to explore new things in D.C., to enjoy a fabulous chili meal with friends, and to post here, today! These are the particulars of this day, but what about all the rest of the days?

This year is a year of getting things done.  I have a really good feeling about 2013. It’s the time to seize the time I have right now, in my mid-20s and make progress in things that I’ve been stuck on. Everyone gets a little stuck sometimes, right? Whether that’s keeping my room organized, making arriving to work right on time daily a priority, working out and eating properly, or making decisions in my career, there’s no time like today to create the life I want, value, and am proud of. I know, this is nothing new…but here’s a difference between talking about it….and taking action). So this is me, taking action.

My yard on a day that was full of light, promise and opportunity in late December

I have a list of resolutions, but what’s more important is how I’ve gotten to creating this and striving to find that momentum to progress. Every blog has their post about ringing in the new year, resolutions, lists for this and for that in the new year, right? And they’re all great. But in particular, I was reading Camille Styles’ post “Intentions for a New Year” and she made a great point that, life is not a dress rehearsal.  If you keep saying, “I’ll start working on that next week”, or “I’ll do that later,” sometimes you just don’t end up following through with those things. And that’s no way to go through life.

So, I’m going to use this blog as one of my ways to keep moving and growing in my life, my career, my relationships, while continuing to define myself and live with intention. You have to live with intention or you’ll let other factors do the defining and decision making for you, for better or for worse (or at least, that’s one of my fears). So, you see, all of this is partly a result of my aimless wandering and not making career decisions this past year in particular. I thought I would be in grad school soon, probably this fall, but I finally (thanks to my friends and family for letting me rant about this haha) realized that now’s not the time for me to go to grad school. So then what’s next? Well, I’m working on that. But I keep  floating along in my post college glory not figuring it out. If you just live in that state, you’ll go no where, and that’s not a place where anyone wants to go. As our fabulous friend Abe said, “The best way to predict the future is to create it.” so here I am creating my future. Afterall, today’s the day 😉

If I don’t do _______ (insert filler here) now, today, honestly, when will I do it?


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