Valentine’s Day Flowers 2013: Taipei Edition

Since Sean’s in Taipei right now, he made sure to send flowers from afar.

Though funny story, they didn’t come on Valentine’s Day, which wasn’t a big deal, after all Sean had just sent me birthday flowers the week before.  When I got home Thursday night I caught him online before I headed to bed. He asked me if I’d gotten any flowers…and I of course said no, but he had ordered them 6 days prior!! FTD apparently had some major issues, so the arrived to my office Friday morning. Sean was concerned for my sad Valentine’s day, but really, I survived (barely!) 😉 Luckily Amy and I went to the Mumford and Sons concert at the Patriot center for our own Valentine’s Day fun. Clearly not the same as having Sean around but it was FANTASTIC!

Here’s a few shots of the gorgeous bouquet that finally arrived:

DSC_1275  DSC_1269DSC_1267DSC_1273








Beautiful and those day lilies will soon open up to enjoy!!  Thanks Sean, Happy Valentine’s Day! xoxo

And happy valentine’s day to ALL of my other loves too!!


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