Making a House a Home

DSC_1221By a house, I mean an old apartment with lots of character.

The other day my roommate said something about how I’m more of a nester than she is. I’ve always associated nesting with pregnant women, but then thought about it and, yeah, I guess I am a nester! But it’s important to have a home feel like YOUR home, your kingdom, your comfortable place and to reflect your personality, style, and the like. So that’s what I attempt to do, and inexpensively too!

January weekends_184

January weekends_188

January weekends_183

A  home is a living space, so it lives, breaths, grows & changes. To keep lively, you don’t have to make drastic or expensive changes, but little ones here and there.  For a long time, two paintings that Alice and I created (sorry, Alice!) when we moved in to the apartment were hanging on the wall. I needed a change – so switching those out was an easy step to change the look of the room a bit. I had a round mirror on the coffee table, but why not hang it up? It’s perfect. Mirrors are always a good addition to a wall – make the space look bigger, shed light in a room, add some class to your wall!

January weekends_153January weekends_158





And as you might be able to tell, I love love love candles. I came across the long glass candle holder on sale at Crate and Barrel at the end of January and snatched that up to add to the coffee table.  Lucky for me, I’m friends with people (and dating a boy) who love giving me flowers! It just so happened to be my birthday that week I took these pics, so flowers were in a abundance in my apartment.

January weekends_180

January weekends_167How do you make your home feel like YOU?


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