Snow day inspiration


Happy New Year (er….I know it’s the 21st, but shhh!)

Disclaimer: this post, mostly for myself, may be boring, but read along as you will!

Today the D.C. area had the biggest snow storm we’ve had in 3 years (since Snowmaggedon!) and I was lucky enough to have a snow day.  After a very exciting already 3 day weekend, and a night of anything but restful sleep, I was SO happy to stay in bed this morning.

The weekend left me with a ton of questions thoughts, reflections, and happiness. Friday night: I saw the film “Her” with Amy and wow, it left us both with so many thoughts, reflections, and inspiration.  Speechless. (I realize not everyone will get this out of the movie, but the way it hit me was powerful in the moment) Powerful in regards to life, existence, changing/growing in relationships, changing as an individual, evolving as a person. Go see it. Monday my bro turned 30 and his friends threw him a party in Richmond on Saturday night, and celebrate we did! Celebratory drinks, Just Dance 2014, many dance offs, and a victorious Sibling dance off. What a night. Sunday: a wonderful day with my dad’s side of the fam at my cousin’s Bridal Shower, and dinner with Mom, Dad, and James, for his birthday. Monday: breakfast with mom, a run in the neighborhood, soaking in the 62 degree (!!!) weather in Williamsburg, and phone conversations on my way back with three of my favorite people in the world.  A boring list to read, but I want to remember it all, and remember leaving Williamsburg, driving back and recognizing how I’m feeling at this time.

I have to write this down to read when I’m not feeling as light, happy and whole, but I AM SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW, and it is wonderful.  Work is great, Sean’s wonderful, friends are abundant, life is lovely.  I feel balanced, independent, light, whole.  I’m taking my photography class right now, and am thoroughly enjoying being creative, focused and immersed in something newish to master. I got a promotion at work and am proud of the work I’ve done over the past year. I’m looking forward to even more growth and discovery in my career.

Though there are so many uncertainties right now, they aren’t bothering me. Life will keep moving, things will keep changing, and I’ll continue being unable to control many pieces, so I’ll just have to take them as they come.  And whichever way things in life go, it will all be okay. I know I won’t always be this on top and positive, this lacking in fear and anxiety, but I always know I will be okay and come out on the other side having grown and experienced portions of my life for better or for worse.

Today was a lazy, but productive day. (Those seem conflicting; I got a lot done, but was so relaxed).  This morning my friend posted an article, “Busyness Isn’t Respectable  Anymore” by Tyler Ward, surrounding the whole “Busy Trap” discussion, as some refer to it. No matter how you feel about the “busy” topics, it reminded me of a few things including: saying that you’ve been “busy” is a lame answer to “how have you been”; say no when you need to and  manage time wisely so that your “busy” is intentional, positive, and productive for you; and spend time alone and in idleness, to keep inspired and energized to be my best self, try new things and get my best work done.  “The space and quiet that idleness provides is a necessary condition for standing back from life and seeing it whole, for making unexpected connections and waiting for the wild summer lightning strikes of inspiration — it is, paradoxically, necessary to getting any work done.” (Tim Kreider)


Today I was able to be alone most of the day and enjoy my own company. I took care of myself today to prep for the week: made a breakfast smoothie, completed an online workout, got my hair cut, made homemade hot cocoa and whipped cream,created this DELICIOUS dinner (left), did a little bit of work, took a walk in the snow, planned my outfits for the work week, read and relaxed. I wish I’d had someone to share my dinner with, but that’s simply because I was proud of how delicious it was. However, I’m glad I had a day alone to enjoy the stillness of this snowy winter day. Here’s to 2014 and all it brings!


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