B&W Photography

DSC_0917No, no unfortunately I didn’t bring this adorable puppy home, but this little guy sure was trying to stare into my soul. He was just one of the subjects of this week’s photo assignment, Black and White Photography, not my new pet.  I learned that B&W photography can be really great, or just really not fit the subject.  The B&W isn’t necessary here, but it made me pay attention to the values of a photo that can benefit from a B&W color transformation. And regardless, I’m pleased to say that my instructor really liked my photos on the Downtown Mall in Charlottesville!



We were supposed to use whatever photo editing program we have to transform our color photography into black and white, observing the contrast, seeing what fit and what didn’t.  It’s cool to look at B&W photos and be taken to a different time.  They can transform a picture you snapped on a city street in 2014 into a photo taken in the 1920’s in a little cafe in Paris.  The way you look at black and white photos is different than the way you take in the subjects in a color photo. So when done right, B&W photography can be very powerful.  



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