On the Street Where We Live

On the street where we live, Sean has a pretty bike. Fall is in full swing here.

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I am in GERMANY with Sean and it is awesome! I am still working cultivating my blog and figuring out how much to share/what people want to hear, so bear with me! I know some of this is boring, but I really do want to remember this when I’m 80, so here goes nothing! First though, the featured image is out the kitchen window of the apartment.

I left D.C. from Dulles on Sunday night, October 4th, had a layover in Iceland, and then arrived in Frankfurt around 1:00 in the afternoon. Sean picked me and my approximately 120 lbs of luggage, up at the Frankfurt Airport and we got on an awesome high speed train (it was the equivalent of the Acela, but cheaper (40 euro one way), faster, better, cleaner, so nothing like it!) I got a peek of the hillside between Frankfurt and Bonn, lots of cows, cute houses; it rather looked like Virginia countryside really.

On the 45 minute train ride, every time someone came through the fancy sliding glass doors on the train, groups of men with beards or otherwise European or rough looking,  I was positive that I must have been in a Bourne movie. Unfortunately, Sean and I did not end up in a bank having our new identities and mission revealed to us and delivered by Matt Damon.

While I was living in an alternate reality and on this awesome train, Sean and I caught up, and I explained the adventures of the last few weeks leading up to my departure: packing, moving trucks, Dad’s sports complex renaming ceremony, lots of goodbye dinners and drinks, last day of work lunch and HH, all of the work I had to do, cleaning the apartment, my goodbye drinks Friday night, saying goodbye to grandparents and fam, flight from Dulles to Iceland – Iceland to Frankfurt and HERE I AM, exhausted! Saying goodbye was hard and boy did I run around those last few weeks.

After the train swiftly and efficiently delivered us, we got on a bus to Bonn, then walked the 10 min from the stop to the apartment! We walked up and the street the apartment on is so cute!

Once we dropped my stuff off, I got the apartment tour, fell asleep (FOOLISH!) for 30 minutes then we went out to the town center and to get me a beer and my first meal in Germany. We ate at Salvators, which was a German pub featuring Bavarian cuisine. I ordered what I thought was going to be a onion, pork, potato skillet item, but when I got it, I had two MASSIVE Balls of meat (I wouldn’t call them meat balls they were so huge) sauerkraut, and potatoes. I ate half of a ball of meat and was DONE. It was tasty but enormous! Sean had some schnitzel that was delish, ha!  The waitress at Salvators didn’t speak English really, and I don’t speak German, so while Sean tried to speak with her, I would laugh and smile and nod, and say Danke a lot. In return, she patted my back and made a loud laugh, mimicking my clueless laughter, because when I don’t speak your language, I might just laugh and smile and pretend we’re having a grand old time, even if we’re clueless. That’s a good way to communicate, right? ha!

Our street’s pretty cute, a central walk to downtown, to buses, trains, everything! Sean bought a bike from someone at the institute who is leaving, so I need to figure out where to get one for myself so that we can go on fun bike rides on the path next the Rhine, go to Cologne, and just get around town.  Also, for all the fitness!

Good first evening, with many more to come!


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