Wandering about Bonn

I had many discussions about how I’d be spending my time before I left and I answered with an Oh, exploring, exercising, hanging out with Sean, reading, etc. Question mark? But until I got here I wasn’t 100% sure what my days would look like, but now that I’ve been here for about 11 days, I’ve gotten into a bit of a groove, one that is still a work in progress however.  Most days, I’ll get up and check email, read some news, and make myself breakfast and plot out my priorities for the day.  I’m trying to make a point to balance spending productive time looking for jobs, looking for events and cultural activities around Bonn, with actually getting out and taking this beautiful city in.  Bonn isn’t huge, but there’s much to see and do.

Sean at Math Lunch

The past week I applied for a few jobs, explored what classes I can take while here – Pilates, cooking, art, etc. and have read a lot!! (I LOVE having so much more time to read!) Since arriving in Bonn, I’ve met Sean and his colleagues from the Max Planck Institut for Mathematics for lunch a few days. Everyone is really lovely and from all over the world – there are mathematicians from Italy, the Netherlands, France, India, England, Germany, Mexico, and others I’m missing surely. Lunch is always interesting with them – we’ll discuss language, differences in culture and pop culture, opinions on this and that. I love it. I want  to ask all the questions and learn everything!  I feel like I’ve turned into one of them minus the math, and it’s nice that Sean has such great colleagues.

Every Tuesday, the Institut offers a weekly German class for those who are interested and their families, so Sean and I started attending that this past week. I loved being in the classroom, again with people from all different countries and language backgrounds. It’s interesting hearing other people who don’t speak English as their first language ask questions to try and learn German. I found it helpful in learning how to pronounce words, and hearing what other beginners are thinking. That said I’m starting my own formal intensive German class on the 26th, so hopefully my German will really improve and I’ll meet some of my own friends!

The rest of my time this past week I spent exploring, reading, writing, sketching, discovering cafes, and taking photos along the way. It’s totally my German Walden. Here are a few pictures from my wanderings about town this past week. More to come on the awesome art event Sean and I went to on Wednesday night!

The Postamt (used to be part of a palace, now it’s the Post office) and statue of Ludwig van Beethoven in the Münsterplatz in the city center. Bonn is Beethoven’s birth place and he’s still celebrated with a festival each year – Beethovenfest – which I just missed when I arrived.
Really not sure what these guys are about -I’ll have to report back.
Munsterplatz view and Street Cafe!
I just loved this view. Way back there is the Haribo store- Bonn is the headquarters of those delicious gummy bears! I have yet to go into the store but I’ve heard rumors that you walk in, are handed a bucket and can go to town….will find out soon.
This is the Münster Basilica, which gives this town center its name – the Munsterplatz. This basilica was built on the graves of the two martyred Roman soldiers who later got promoted to be the city’s patron saints. Haven’t stopped in yet, but Lonely Planet tells me that it got its Gothic look in the 13th century but the Romanesque origins survive beautifully in the ageing cloister! This picture doesn’t do it justice.
Walking around campus a bit. These next two photos are straight from a college brochure for the University of Bonn.



Walking down to the Rhine to find a sketching perch, I found this lovely piece of architecture – I still can’t identify what it is or was, but pretty cool.


Hogwarsty building on the River. Also discovering what this building is still.
Right next to the river is this fun outdoor Biergarten – ‘Alter Zoll’ – which was where I sat down to sketch! I sketched the river and my bottle of grapefruitweizen.
And finally, I sat down to get down to sketch the Kennedy Bridge that crosses the Rhine – in the background here.
I sketched more than that, don’t worry.

3 thoughts on “Wandering about Bonn

  1. Beautiful photos! Too bad you missed the Beethoven festival, but it looks like there’s still plenty to see otherwise!

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